Quintent – A Layered Script Face

I’ve never seen a script face like Quintet. It employs a clever looping line to create the ‘body’ of the characters. It is designed so that the glyphs do not increase in width with the increase in weight. Instead, the interior weight of the stroke becomes heavier.

This unique characteristic makes it possible to layer the weights on top of each other. Since each weight is the same outside dimension, they always line up perfectly. With five weights, the number of layered permutations is fantastic, especially when you vary the color.

Kunihiko Okano, the typographer behind Quintet, also created a complimentary Roman and Italic. The typeface isn’t currently available for purchase. However, if you’re anxious to dig in with Quintent now, you can purchase a setting from photolettering.com.

I’ve seen layered font sets before but this is truly imaginative. It is awe inspiring that after years of typographic evolution, something so revolutionary can still emerge. Congratulations, Kunihiko Okano!


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