Image above generated in DrawBot.

Workhorse Type Foundry. Adrian Kimball

Kevin Cantrell Studio. SLC-based type designer and illustrator.

Master of the Dune Font.

Rudolph Movie Titles Font.

No one is alone. By the BYU AdLab for the Alzheimer’s Association. Have your Kleenex ready.

The Witch’s Cat. By BYU Animation.

Ninety-five Senses. Watch this and think about your life for a good long while.

Evolution of the Alphabet.

I never knew that a Font Detective was a thing.

Mark Simonson re-releases Skin & Bones, an authorized revival of Douglas F. Jones’ original design.

Fraunces font by Phaedra Charles. The mini site is as fun as the font.

DrawBot. “DrawBot is a powerful, free application for MacOSX that invites you to write simple Python scripts to generate two-dimensional graphics.”

DrawBot-Sketchbook. Matthew Smith’s collection of DrawBot python scripts on Github.